Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More snow, more extreme cold, and more damage.

   The last snow finally melted away just in time for two more snow storms totaling 12" of the white stuff.  But that was just the start of the good news.  Also had too endure near record cold temps for about a week or longer, all this where the winter forecasts were predicting warmer and drier weather.
  the forecast for the next 3 months...you guessed it! (warmer, drier) lol       

After the storms

Agave hybrid

Yucca rostrata

Yucca brevifolia

Cylindropuntia imbricacta 

Y. brevifolia

Y. brevifolia

Y. baccata

Y. rostrata

Y. faxoniana

Townsend's Solitaire (Maydestes townsendi) I think.
It was eating the juniper berries, very cool.  A new bird for my garden.

Now that the weather has begun to warm, i have been able to get out and do inspections on a few of the plants.
Y. torreyi
No sign of damage yet, but I've seen this before with these.  Looks fine until spring.

Yucca rostrata
Looks fine, no visual damage.

Some cactus pocking out of the snow. And they look fine.
This how cold hardy cactus should look, dried out and shriveled up.
Echinocereus inermis

 Whites leave in the crown.  This plant is planted low in the ground and in hopes of being raised up in a gravel bed some day.
Yucca rostrata

And also rabbit damage.  I don't blame them, nothing to eat with all the snow covering their food. 

Y. faxoniana
No damage so far.

Y. elata
No damage so far.

Y. brevifolia

I've seen this kind of damage before and this part of the plant is a goner, but the main plant look ok for now. 

Agave hybrid

Some damage, lower left center of plant.

This damage was found on my big yucca brevifolia, a few branches look like this (white yellow inner spear).

A view from the top, over all not bad.

This might be a Y. australis I grew from seed years ago.  If it lives through it's second (third?) winter outside I will be shocked.  I had one more like it, but it died a few years back.

Y. rostrata
No damage 

No looking good for this Joshua-tree
Yucca brevifolia

First year I have ever seen damage to this one.
Y. brevifolia

I bet this one dies to the ground, but they almost always sprout back.
Y. brevifolia.

Out of the pair, only one was in range through my kitchen window. I don't bother the birds (for the most part)  If I see them I walk the other way.  I've been seeing this couple fly in tand out of he juniper by the kitchen window.  I bet they were wintering in the magpie nest I took out of the tree last summer. ARR!!!
Love this Long Horned Owl, we also have at least one Big Horned Owl that comes by, sometimes Barn Owls, and some smaller owls I have yet to identify.     

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

After the fact.

Did the cold spell do any damage?  Not really.  For the most part the late November cold spell did very little damage with the exception of a couple of surprises.     

Some whiting of the spear leaves on this Y. rostrata/thompsoniana.  Not unusual for this plant. Could died back or the leaves maybe fine and regain their green color.   

My big Y. brevifolia, no real damage.  A couple of  small spots.

A sucker I plan on transplanting next year.  No damage, but was covered.  When they are small the don't fair well here in the winter.  

This cactus did well but was covered by the snow.

This was the surprise.  Yucca elata with frost damage on the leaves.  Also the most protected Y. elata I have.  All the others so far look fine. 

Frost damaged areas on the leaves.  When the wind blew the leaves snapped.  

I will be surprised if this lives.  Looks like it did before the cold spell, but was covered under the snow.
Opuntia basilaris (not hardy?)

Agave utahensis x neomexicana, not damage so far. 

This Y. brevifolia has never been very cold hardy, and yes from a colder part of their range.  I also had this covered with a sheet, but this little sucker I think will make it.  I bet money this spear will pull. 

 From the same plant as above, damage from last year, I think.

No damage on this Yucca elata even though it has froze to the roots several times when it was smaller.  

No damage on these Y. brevifolia.  

No damage on most of my Y. rostrata/thompsoniana

Y. gloriosa, little leaf damage.

Y. brevifolia, looks good.

Our new little girl, she's the one with the long ears on the left.  We lost Rocko and our Lilly.
It's been a hard year for our loved ones.  

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall snow storm.

This was the 3rd snow fall of the season so far.  The first 2 snows melted a few hours after they barely covered the ground.  But the third was a true snow storm.  At 7-10 inches it was not an unusual storm, but a feeling of winter (Christmas?) is now upon us.  Not to mention the winter temps that have followed the storm.  As I type this the temps have fallen to a cold -2 Fahrenheit!

At the beginning of the storm I hastily through some sheets/covers on few plants I wanted to protect from heavy snows and the cold that was going to follow.    
         A cover over one of my Yucca torreyi.  These are not quite big enough for me to feel comfortable leaving them on their own during the winter, although I did not cover them last year except during extremes like I will do this year.    

Yucca faxoniana
The start of the storm.

After the storm

Yucca rostrata

Yucca elata

Yucca rostrata

Cercocarpus ledifolius

Yucca glauca

New "recycled pipe" railing project I will be working on for the next several years, unless I find more pipe, more money, and more time.  Looking for any unwanted 1" and 3/4" pipe, holes in pipe are fine. (in the local area)  Takes hundreds of feet of pipe, lots of ready mix cement, lots of welding wire, and lots of time.  

A non cold hardy cactus that I left out.  Maybe worth a try next summer?


Yucca brevifolia

Younger Yucca brevifolia.

The only truly hardy agave I have, and only time will tell. lol

The 3 wise men.

Cylindropuntia tunicata, this froze back a few years a go and is slowly making a come back. 

With the blue skies and the fluffy snow...even I liked it.  Of course it wont break my heart to see it all melt.  I never back in my blog during the summer months to look at snow pics, but I always find myself in the winter looking back at my summer pics. lol