Monday, February 21, 2011

I dream of warmth.

Winter is not my favorite time, but is a time of ideas and dreams.  The worse it gets the more I dream of the idea of Arizona.  I don't think I will be posting pics of our yard or recent outdoor pics of Idaho as of yet.  I think these can wait until the weather has warmed and spring shows us a sign of life.  I will however share a few pics of the past and places that hold a special place in my heart.  
The first place I want to share is of an area that I cant seem to get enough of.  It is the only other place I have been that I truly feel at home.
Cochise the Land of Legends... though it may not be for everyone those that have felt its draw seem to be lost without it.
 I have always longed for the south west sense I was very young and by the time I was 20 I had my first chance to head south for a vacation.  It was unlike anyplace I have ever been.  To me it was almost dream like.  The landscape was not much different than that of the Idaho desert, but was covered with alien like plants I only read about before.  Joshua tree and saguaro forests covered the land and looked like something from another planet.  To say the least I was not disappointed.
I have been to the south west many a times sense and have always been on the lookout for potential places to live or retire.  There is many wonderful places in the state, but finding one with the right climate and feeling of home almost seemed impossible. 
For a couple years I saved up a few pennies and was looking on the Internet one winter for places in AZ, NM, and West TX for retirement.  I came across some land that had everything I was looking for...climate, wildlife, clean air and that wild west feeling.  The only problem was I have never been to that part of the state.  Because the cost of travel was about a third of the cost of the property I did my research and took a gamble and bought the property sight unseen. 
I have sense been to our land a few times  It is like God hand picked that place for me.  It has everything I could hope for...wildlife, mountain views, and a climate that it just right for me.  But the most unexpected wonderful thing was the neighbors next door.  They have been like long lost family.  I talk to them at least once a week and we have been the best of friends.  God has a way of taking us places we can only imagine.

This is the first day we met.  I bring my parents a lot when I go places, so from left to right my Mom and Niece, Carlene (neighbor), my Dad, and Bill (neighbor).
Welcomed us with open arms, there is good people in the world, not all hope is lost.   

More pics our land and of the area.



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  1. Aaron, I bet you already "see" your house built on that gorgeous piece of Arizona desert. (Barb)