Saturday, May 21, 2011

Middle of May and things are warming up.

The smell of new growth and the song of birds feel the air.  These are the days that make a person forget about the doom and gloom of winter.  See Ya next year Old Man Winter! ha!

This is also the first year our City has had a car show in the City Park, I wish I had the time this weekend to get some pics, but just too busy with my yard and other plans took priority.

I have yet to mention that I am the care taker of the city parks and head of all other city maintenance.  We have a small crew but seem to keep things going regardless of what disaster happens.

Here is a pic of our local Park.

And also some weekly up dates around the yard.

Looking from the neighbors side, I try and keep the wild grass mowed.

My big yucca brevifolia, still not looking good.

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