Monday, June 13, 2011

Cochise County Vacation Part 2

The next few pics are of our little ranchette by Old Pearce.  It is a nice area with nice views and is not far from the main road, but is not an easy place to get to.  It would be easy if they had just a straight shot off Ghost Town Trail rd, but instead it's a few gates and a small safari to get there. 
  Or the county could regrade the main road back to a drivable condition.  If I ever build out there I bet there will be a better way in.  Not asking them to grade every road, just the main road into the subdivision.

Last year I planted about 20 or more plants, mostly cactus and a few palms I knew would most likely not live without extra help.  I took a chance and found out this year that nothing I planted lived.  Not even one barrel cactus. I think in a normal year I would have had many happy little cactus, but I think the cold was just to much for the small sized plants.         

                                                                       Tarantula hole.

          The drought was bad this year, notice the plants have very few leaves if they have leaves at all.

                                                   Even the creosote brush was struggling.

                                                                    A real life hillbilly!

       My favorite neighbors Bill and Carline.  I already miss you guys even though we talk every week.

Dasylirion wheeleri, the photo does not do this justis.  I would say this plant is about 6ft high and about 5ft wide.  It was off one these I got seed from.  Private property, with permission

                                                                   The old mine, Pearce.


                                                                   Agave palmeri, big!

And the saddest part of the trip was seeing first hand the devastation of the Chiricahua fire. Knowing all the wildlife and wild lands have been destroyed by a camp fire that I heard from the locals was started  by an illegal alien.  What a waste.

The next pics are taken from a drive down Ghost Town Trail rd.  It is a glimpse from the past that takes you by three remains of mining towns.  

                                                The last place Johnny Ringo was seen alive? 

                And a nicely restored jail house.  It is Private property, but can be seen from the road. 

                                                   The big saguaro at Pearce is still standing.

Cochise county has more history than the dinosaurs.  This hotel was once owned by Big Nose Kate.   
Most of the town of Cochise is occupied, but others parts are for the ghosts.

Once huge Opuntia ficus stood along side this 2 story building.   

Saguaros with winter burn, at the power plant near Cochise.

The town of Elfrida
Is a small farming community south of Pearce.  It has a nice park and nice, friendly people.   

I was surprised at the number of palms the little town had. 

Nice park!  For Arizona standards, not easy to grow grass with little water.  The park in Elfrida also had a Fire Station with many W. filifera palms and a desert garden.

       Desert willow up close.
                                                                        Agave palmeri

                                                                        Agave lophantha

                                                          Paloverde, winter!

Bisbee... home of the really big agave!

Our friendly birds at the Copper Queen Hotel.  The resident birds are all bums and have no problem taking food from strangers. They were the highlight of the day.

                                                            The food was very good here.

                                  Oleander with major winter burn, and one of the biggest I have seen.

The two big W. filifera's in Bisbee, Glad to see they lived through the winter.

Welcome to Tombstone!

The big guns at the old school
(W. filifera)

W. filifera (left) and W. robusta (right)

                                                                          Salvia greggii

St David
Holy Trinity Monastery

Trachycarpus, looking good.

European Olive
(Olea europaea)
Lots of winter burn.

Ferocactus wislizenii

Small robustas, dead.

Trichocereus Terscheckii
Three of them at the Post Office, all with winter burn.

A drive into the Dragoons,
very, very dry.

Surprise AZ
On the way back home we stop at the Olive Garden,
mostly because I liked the landscape.

Over look a few miles south of the Hover Dam

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