Monday, August 29, 2011

More pics of my Idaho desert garden.

I don't have much time in the summer to write about the plants and animals in my garden.  I hope the pics will be good for now.

Neonate (baby) Side Blotch Lizard
(Uta stansburiana)

White-lined sphinx moth (hyles lineata)

Crappy Humming-bird pics, I don't know the species.

Gopher snake caught in live pack-rat trap.
I hope this snake does better, I have seen him around and he does not look so good.

Smoke from summer fires, don't believe what you hear about fires being good for habitat, for the most part they leave behind weeds and loss of wild plants and animals.   

Echinocereus reichenbachii v.albispinus

Soap-tree yucca
(Yucca elata)

Curl-leaf Mahogany
(Cercocarpus ledifolius)

Petunias gone wild but grow without any extra water, no rain here sense June 5 from our records at work. 

More neonate side-blotch lizards, good year for babies.  I have only seen one adult, but lots of young. 

Just to show how well a good micro-climate can work, this reading is always in the shade.

Missouri primrose

Opuntia fragilis, with winter burn. 

Yucca brevifolia sucker, nice!

Mountain mahogany
(Cercocarpas montanus)