Monday, September 12, 2011

Trip to Boise foot hills, back home to garden.

 Boise Idaho foot hills.
Went to Boise for a wedding and took a couple of shots from the foot hills.  It was a nice sub, but I would have hard to time living that close to people and I'm not big on hoa's. It was not a very clear day but was still a nice view.  The only thing that could make the view better is to be on the east side of the foot hills for a view of the down town area.   

Back Home for more of the same garden pic.
An awesome plant for Hummers!

I thought I had gotten rid of this plant but it keeps coming back, but so pretty I think I will leave it.
 O basilaris
This is a plant I got from my friend Jay in Canada. 
Took a beating from last winter, but still lives.

My strange rostrata, with narrow leaves, but does not look like linearfolia.

Weed removal still in progress.

This is one cool native plant, found growing straight out of the lava and needs no water.
I only wish I could remember what it is?
 Yucca brevifolia is looking beat up, but keeps on growing.
11 new crowns!

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