Saturday, November 26, 2011

A lite snow and a couple of new plants.

A view to the south

A view to the north

And a view to the northeast.
The nights have been getting much colder and snow in the mountains.

All the leaves on my trees are all but gone.

But a few of the days when the wind is not blowing 40mph the days are still warm enough to get out and do a few things, even Mocho with his thin coat agrees.

Our first ground covering snow, not much but a sign of the times.

I went to C.S.R. nursery for my birthday and I bought a few things for my self. This is a very cool nursery that only sells plants that are native to Idaho and within 50 miles of the border.  I wish I would have found this nursery earlier in the season, but than maybe it is good that I did not.  It can be hard on the pocketbook. lol 
Redtwig Dogwood
Cornus sericea 

Rock Spiraea
Holodiscus discolor

Scarlet Gilia
Ipomopsis aggregata

Shadscale Saltbrush
Atriplex  confertifolia
A very good wildlife plant, good feed and perfect cover for reptiles like the famed hornytoad.  This a grey/white plant with a very desert feel.  Good for the cactus/desert garden.  

And some shots to show how well the micro climates work.
South-side, snow all but gone!

West side is good for micro climates, but snow still there.

Desert Holly
Mahonia fremontii

Grass make good to soften hard scape.

A big Jerusalem Cricket.
This guy needs to find a place for winter.

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