Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking forward to winter.

Looking forward to winter.  I don't like the anticipation of waiting for the worst.  I would rather take a fight head on then worry about it all day.  But it ain't about what I want....I 

Snow still in the mountains none here in the valley...yet!

I'm ahead of the game this year, I did not think I would have as much hardscape done.
Made it all the way around the dirt mound with the walkway. 

And even had a chance to layout new walkways.

I'm more or less done with this gravel mound around the last pillar.
A few more rocks and some plants should do the job. 

And the new crowns on the big j-tree looking good going into winter.
They look nice and ready for the cold, I don't think I will have a repeat of last year. :o)

And this guy looks way better than it did last year going into winter.
Nice and shriveled!

We will see how the ice plants do this year?  Only last a year or two here.

And finally a Yucca torryii, looks like a spider in a cage.
As snug as a bug in a rug.

More birds

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