Monday, January 16, 2012

Idaho's first passive solar house.

Went for a small road trip and headed north to Fairfield Idaho to see Idaho's first passive-solar home.
Of course many homes get some of their energy needs from the sun through the use of south facing windows, "this is why my own windows face south", but this home is different because 90% of the heat needed for this home comes only through the south facing windows.
No solar panels, fire place, windmills, electric or gas needed to keep this home warm.  Almost all the warmth comes through the windows.  I would love to get into more detail about this home but I am not much for writing long boring blogs.  So I will post some pics and a link to more info.  I thought I grabbed his email, but can't find it or his website.  He does consulting in passive-solar and other green-home methods and has much knowledge on the subject.

On the outskirts of the wild west town of Fairfield.  

Inside of the home, sealed tight and mocho installation, inside and out!

This is the hot water supply tanks. The pipes heat the water inside the barrels and the pipes are heated from the heat-collectors in front of the house. 

More pics of the house inside and out.

The heat collectors that heat the hot water, but can also be used to heat the floor through under the floor pipes.

 The windows that does most of the heating.

The hot water heaters/ floor heaters.

6 inches of ridged foam on the outside.  

Sunsets when I got home later that day.


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