Sunday, January 8, 2012

Picking rocks, pulling weeds.

Many more rocks needed.

One more trail busted!

 A good start.

Another out of focus sunset. 

I found this, could make for a cool planter.
Yucca brevifolia, looks fine this winter.

Not normal for this cactus to get winter burn, and a mild winter?

And a Yucca baccata with major winter burn?  Must be a cold spot in the yard?


  1. Was just thinking of your y.brevifolia today!!! and there's a photo of it (you read my mind).

    Great rock work plan...that'd be so much fun to do, figuring out where water drains and installing a culvert, and a path over, etc.

    Nice work as always!
    Barb (lucky1)

  2. It is so much fun for me. I love to play around with the hardscape in a garden.
    It has been a good yucca year. The big brevifolia has done well and so has all the smaller ones. I knew if I spent all that time covering all my smaller yuccas it would be a mild
    Thanks Barb for all your kind words!