Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow day to Sun day.

The week started off like winter was here to stay, and even the dogs chose too stay inside.

The a few later days it was all but melted, and I think I even see new growth?
 Desert Olive

And a Yucca rostrata is starting to grow. 
This might be Y. thombsoniana?

But then it snow again, and few days later...

It started to all melt and disappearr.
I love wildlife!!!

And before I knew it....I had all the winter protection off all my plants and it must of came close to 60 deg. Fahrenheit. 
Echinocactus polycephalus 

A very dead but hardy? aloe.

This was covered over the winter, but before I uncovered it, I noticed a small sucker that was pushed up over the winter outside of the cover...over the winter!

Agave parryii

Is it spring?  YEs, yEs, yes...
 Dry creek not looking like much... progress?

 A Yucca brevifolia that was later moved to a better spot.  It has been in this spot for years and has done nothing.

And this Y.brevifolia will soon be moved to....

This mound. 
A good spot for the J-tree 

And some more of the same pics of the surounding area.
Notch Butte 

The "Three Sisters Peaks", why are the called the Three-Sisters?  In AZ there is three buttes and they also are called the Three-Sisters?

The Three Sisters

Old phone building

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