Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yucca Review.

Now that most of the flowers have done their thing and the garden is taken on a new look. I think it is time for a closer look at the accent plants.
  I will start with the yuccas I have the least of.  

Yucca gloriosa "variegated"
These have never got that big and most of the time I forget they are there.  Here in Idaho when and if they bloom they will try and do so in the late fall, crazy!

Yucca angustissima
Yucca with nice form.

Yucca pallida
A nice blue yucca, good for small gardens or areas.
And a parting pic of the partridge enjoying some shade.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Smoke in the desert.

Fires can move fast! They will always have my attention.

Nice too see the planes come in a and stomp a fire out, that and the men on the ground!

Jay...Thanks for the hardy O. basilaris pad, looks better every year.

It was almost going too rain.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot...that's ok!

The date is wrong on the thermometer, should be 7/11 & 7/12
And yes this is in the shade, but within the south-side of the house micro climate.

O. clavata

Purple horse mint

A plant I love, "mojave sage" salvia pachyphylla
This should be the plant to replace "russian sage" with.  Rabbits hate it and hummingbirds love it!

prairie zinnia

And more pics of the Y. elata in bloom.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to Plantasia Cactus Gardens (Twin-Falls, ID)

Yucca faxoniana
Yucca brevifolia

Yucca thompsoniana

Yucca rostrata

"White Sands"

Agave utahensis

Yucca brevifolia

California Barrel Cactus (coved in winter)

Desert Willow

Yucca baccata

Yucca faxoniana

New in the garden Yucca brevifolia (silver form)