Sunday, July 29, 2012

Smoke in the desert.

Fires can move fast! They will always have my attention.

Nice too see the planes come in a and stomp a fire out, that and the men on the ground!

Jay...Thanks for the hardy O. basilaris pad, looks better every year.

It was almost going too rain.


  1. Great series of pics! Big old fire going there, had to fight a few summer fires myself, and when the wind blows you need to be super careful. LT

  2. Thanks for the nice comments.

    Sounds like your in the same boat when it comes to fires.

    1. I lived in an area prone to summer fires and known for strong winds, at times it could move so fast that the trees barely caught fire, twice, my lawn also flamed up (drought), summer was not a nice time, you always waited for the next fire. Glad we now live far away from there! LOL! LT