Sunday, August 5, 2012

Car show, Hailey Idaho.

 A few new cars this year, and I was so happy too see this Lambo!  This close to SunValley, it's about time someone brought one.

The drive back home.
The high desert (higher desert)

This is a good place too buy pot, good prices!
And this is the pot I'm talking about.  The only kind I will ever buy! 

South we go.

Made it back home.
A few pics of a landscape area I take care of.


  1. Those restored cars...never ceases to amaze me, the love, time and money in each. Must be a thrill to drive those around., eyeing desert plants!

    1. It is a good excuse too let the top down and drive just a little slower. While eyeing derest plants,so right!