Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Found something while sweeping.

Found this guy while sweeping the floor today.  I had to laugh because the other night I spent an hour outside looking for them.  Also this is a species I have not seen here, even though it is the most common species in Idaho.

And no it is not deadly, more like a bee sting.
Paruroctonus boreus

Not a good pic.
Solifugae sp.


  1. I don't know my scorpions very well, just our bark scorpion - I hear there are a few others down here in Abq. I assumed you had a bark scorpion, until I looked up the name you gave - "northern scorpion", learning something new, again -

  2. Yes, they do look a lot alike.

    If it was I would fix my door sweep. lol