Saturday, August 11, 2012

Glad too see the hummers show up.

We had a few Hummingbirds earlier in the season, but after a big wind storm almost none were seen until now.  I have counted at least three species Broadtail, Rufus, Purple Throated.  The sad thing is almost all will be gone in a week or two.

Always some color in the garden.

Blackeye Susan

Redhot Poker
 I have tried these so many times and no luck getting one to survive the winter.


Fire in the "South Hills" over 40 miles away!
looks like a nuke went off! 

                                                                     Sacred Datura,
6-8 inch flowers, but can become weedy.


  1. I must try and get some red hot's going here. I am so amazed at how familiar that place looks, to regions in the Karoo in SA, maybe just not as hot or definitely not as cold. Lovely pics by the way. LT

  2. Thanks LT
    It does look alot like your area, I wish I could grow what you do...WOW!

  3. Hummers are interesting, as even in drought here, they have been quite plentiful since May, first showing up in late March. At my sister's in the mountains W of Denver, the hummers were plentiful and aggressive, though it was all from feeders.

    Your garden, with the cacti and various wildflowers, really looks prime right now - amazing with your heat wave.

    The fire smoke and smoke cloud is striking - the haze to my N and E must have been from fires up your way, or perhaps in the Dakotas?

  4. Good too know people put thier feeders out early. I have on rare occasions seen hummers show here as earliy as April, but I have no idea what they are feeding on.

    I am also amazed how well the late summer flowers do every year. I never water them, but they seem to find enough to live on. The ones that get me are the "black-eye susan's" I would have never thought they could grow so well where it's so dry. But they do the best best around the rocks.

    Lots of fires in the west this summer! The one out in the desert by me was 154,000 arces. Not much good desert left.