Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yucca review, Yucca baccata (banana yucca)

Yucca baccata is a nice medium sized yucca that is very cold hardy, however I did have one freeze to the ground once but came back from the roots and has never done so sense.
They can take lower ground in the winter than most of my other desert yuccas and can even be trimmed to show short trunks (some).

This my trimmed Y.baccata, it is 38inches high and has 4 different crowns/trunks.
This one is trimmed up mainly because it is so close to the path that it needs maintenance. 

same yucca.

same yucca

This one my get a good trimming as well, nice thick trunk.

This one was split from the above, when moved.  I can tell you this they way a ton!

Every baccata I get is different from the others.
I know of least 5 different forms of baccata. some are trunk less, while other can be over 5' tall. 

And this one for no reason has done very little, I should stop and say hi to it more often. 


  1. I just planted two of them at the beginning of the warm season here. Exciting to see them in a larger plant, now I know what they will look like bigger.........Thanks for the post!

  2. Nice! I hope they do well for you, and I bet they do.

  3. Love the stemmed yucca baccata of the variations. Interesting that you mention they vary so much, would not have thought or known this. LT

  4. There are a number of the larger, 5'+ trunked ones in Abq - I've only seen them in the wild between Las Cruces and Benson AZ. I like the bluish form from Moab to Las Vegas. Nice plant that deserves better, more innovative use!

    1. I have pics like the ones you are talking about if I can find them. I'll try and post if I can.