Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yucca review, Yucca elata.

A wonderful tree yucca for the colder desert gardens.  As with most tree yuccas it is slow growing if you start with a seedling. But when they get off the ground they speed up considerably.  They can take more winter ground moister than a Joshua-tree, and have a soft tropical looking crown. 

This the biggest soap-tree yucca (Y.elata) I have.  Its over ten years old, started from a seedling it is just now starting to grow a trunk.  It froze back many times when it was younger, but has gained much cold-hardiness.  With beautiful 30 inch long leaves my only regret is I wish I would have plant many more. 

This one I moved to higher ground and it has done much better.

This one is having a hard time, but give it time and it will look awesome.

And this is my second biggest elata I have and was the one that flowered this year.

This fire, the closest fire we have seen this year.  Moved 6 miles in 20 minutes, over 10 miles long by the time they slowed it down.  Belive it or not most of the fires I don't even post.  Crazy fire year! 


  1. Beautiful yucca's, definitely a statement/focus plant. LT

  2. Nice combination with the petunias...both tougher together than many imagine, I would guess! There are a number of Yucca elata forms to post on, but not sure I ever have before. Probably the toughest tree yucca there is.

    1. Your posts on yuccas are some of my favorites.

  3. Dear Aaron,

    My name is Mike Kintgen and I work at Denver Botanic Gardens with Panayoti. He recommended your blog which I have enjoyed greatly. I also happen to be the president of the local Rock Garden Society, we need one more speaker for our 5 part day long symposium Oct 20. Let me know please if you are interested and we can discuss details.