Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some agave and other plants.

Agave protoamericana
Will be covered in the winter. 

Agave parrii "Prescott AZ"

Agave x?
It was bought as A. neomexicana, He said it had to be either A. utahensis or A. neomexicana.  The only 2 agave he grew.
So I think it is a x between the two.  And also survived the winter that did most of my yuccas in, and it was uncovered throughout the winter. 

A. parrii  "Prescott AZ"

A. parrii "Flagstaff form"
I have tried this one before with no luck!
Zone 4 plant?  Maybe if it gets bigger? 

A. havardiana
I have tried these so many times without any luck!  Even covered!
I will try again.  Zone 5 plant? 

Hesperaloe parviflora
I have had very little luck with these!  Not as hardy as some say, but I always try with smaller plants.
So I will cover until they get bigger.
Zone 5?  Not for me.

Fouquieria slpendens
I have tried before with no luck.  This plant may do better, it came from a place that seen -5f. at least!
And yes I will try a keep it covered.
PS.  I have seen big plants in full flower in Boise Idaho! Zone 6b/7

Zauschneria garrettii "mountain flame" 

Lone coyote


  1. I have started to add a few Agave to the garden for diversity, some of them are really nice. Love the coyote, I guess you have to keep a lookout for a few snakes too? LT

    1. I love coyotes also, but they will eat small dogs like mine. So I had too shot at all four of them that have been close to my yard. The one in the pic gave me a dirty look and left, and I don't blame him/her. Sad, I wish they could hang out here.
      I have been here over 17 years, and have only seen two poisonous snakes out here, I have seen more in town belive it or not.
      I hope too read about and see your agave pics in the future.

    2. I posted my new agave's a week or so ago, one of the Agave pumila is a lovely blueish colour. I guess one has to draw a line somewhere with critters - for me a snake coming on the deck, nearly into the house is that line and one of us has to go! LOL!

  2. Great variety, and I hope you have better luck this time around. This last several years of the "Pacific Decadal Oscillation" weather pattern bringing persistent, colder than usual winters, early falls and later springs / summers is a tough thing; hoping it ends soon! Hitting Abq, too. Most of what you show, except ocotillos and Agave protoamericana, have done well in even Denver for decades with no protection.

    1. Your read on the Dever Garden gives me lots of encouragement about my new agave! The A. protoamericana is a one that came from many outside tries in my Idaho yard, even covered it dies to the ground, but has always came back from the roots. I had it in a pot and was planning on taking it to AZ but I did not make it down there this year so I thought I would try here one more

  3. Your garden is lovely! I enjoyed seeing it. Such a sense of wide spaces. Beauty in a harsh climate is all the more beautiful.

    1. What a nice comment, thanks looking.