Saturday, October 6, 2012

All my "J-trees" Yucca brevifolia profile plant.

This just may be my all time favorite desert plant, of course I say this about every plant...  But I do love it!

The first winter this plant lived through an Idaho winter it was a dream come true.  Many winters later it is now a large trunking yucca.  It was grown from seed that was mail order from California, and is the only place I have seen Y. brevifolia with such long leaves.  The leaves on this Joshua tree are up to 18 inches long unlike most brevifolia that are 6-12 inches!
About 2 winter ago the top rotted off and now has regrown 11 new crowns.  I doubt all will grow and branch but it will soon be a yucca tree.  And too answer the question about the winter the top froze off, no it was not a very cold winter.  What killed the top was a warm fall with heavy snow and a couple of nights  near 0 deg F., this is much harder on them than a winter with -10 deg F or colder.
50deg F one week and 4deg F the next, very hard on plants.

If you live in a warmer zone 5 or better give it a try, they grow fast from seed and should start a small trunk after about five years, and can grow over a foot a year! as adults.

As always keep plants high and dry the do much better in cold climates!         

This is a sucker clone from the above j-tree.
This is one I moved to higher grown and has done much better! 

Another one I moved to higher grown, should start showing much improved growth.

These next 2 are doing much better, again moved to higher ground.

One year on higher grown and has grown over a half a foot or better!

Parting shot, a scorpion my wife caught in the house.  Smaller than the last one.
"Harmless" But still hurts!
Back outside safe under a rock, and this weekend a new door sweep is growing to keep these guys out. lol
Vejovis boreus or Paruroctonus boreus


  1. Fantastic selection of yuccas, im glad we don't have to worry about scorpions over here!

    Gaz: Alternative Eden

    1. Hey I read parts of your blog, awesome read and pics!

      PS. I fixed the door sweep, so I should not have any more scorpions and lizards in the house. However I sure love too find them outside. lol

    2. When I lived all those years in Anza we had scorpions everywhere but there were never a worry. Every morning I would see signs of all the oval shaped holes where they had been working all night, but never felt worried. I have been stung by them but it's nothing more than a bee or wasp sting to me. Movies make it seem worse than it is. If they were not around you'd realize it with the increase in other pest insects.

    3. worries, I love'em. So true about the movie hype!