Sunday, November 11, 2012

Everything changes so fast!

Took a few sunset pics sense the last post.  Now that Fall is here so are the clouds and the falling temps.  It is nice too see the beautiful colors in the morning and evening sky, but I would trade them in for warmer

Many of the pics in this post are of travel to Boise ID from here.  They were taken through a very dirty window at high speeds (my wife was driving) so they are not very clear or good for that matter.  But they give an idea of what Southwestern Idaho looks like.

These next two pics are just seconds apart.

Left early in the morning and headed for Boise.

Fog as we left from Shoshone.
 The further west we headed the less clouds we encountered.

And finally we arrived in Boise.
Boise and Tucson are very similar to me.  At least from a distance.
Boise Idaho
Tucson Arizona

And finally some pics of the garden from this very cold November day, lows in the teens.


  1. Great series on travelling, I've done a few of those, but not at such a close sequence. I hear you on cold...31F low this morning, and low 20's tomorrow AM...not sure I can keep flowers going by covering them tonight!

    Tucson and Boise...they are similar elevations, too. Boise just more foothills grassland above it than desert, but great comparison (mountains north, downtowns, etc) Only been to Boise once in 1985, but my father was stationed there and in Mountain Home.

    1. I think my flowers have seen the last of the season. Do any flowers in your area hold through the winter?
      I have seen rose bushes bloom up until Christmas in Western Idaho.

  2. Great pics and great subject matter. Thanks for the join and I will look forward to digging deeper into yours!

    1. Thank you.

      Loved your blog, nothing like taking a trip somewhere and never leaving home.