Sunday, November 4, 2012

Feeling the Fall.

Fall is here, but the weather is just about as perfect as it can get. Working out in the garden or on the job has been a real treat.  Lite frost in the morning and temps in 50's and 60's during the day, perfect!

 New Mexican Privet, Desert Olive
Forestiera neomexicana
Leaves dropped for fall.

Quaking Aspens
All but done for the season.

Here is an Agave havardiana planted this year, with frost damage.
How hardy are these?  I hope this one makes it through the winter!
(hardy zone 5?)

Here is Agave protoamericana, also plant this year. And no damage!
(not hardy here)

Some yellowing on this Y. rostrata, but has always been hardy here.

curly leaf mountain mahogany
Cercocarpus ledifolius
These look amazing with age!

New mound for a yucca that needs transplanted next spring.

Follow up from last years post.
Making slow but steady progress on the new dry creek.

More work to be done on the J-tree mound that I started last year.

Path on the side coming along nicely.

I need more rocks!


  1. Agave havardiana has been very tough in Denver--but I think provenance is important. We should get us some of our tougher forms! It ought to be every bit as hardy as Y. rostrata! We would not be growing aspen next to our drylanders (our aspen would need a lot more shade and water to look that good): you have an amazing climate--looks like you can grow everything together. Love seeing the beginning of new mounds--we need to send you some stuff to fill them up!

    1. Thanks for the insight on the Agave harvardiana. I think you are right I just need to find ones from the right area. It would be great if tougher forms were available. As we "cold hardy people" grow more sp. the more seed and starts will be spread to gardens of the north. I know I will never give up!

      The aspens get most of their water from the watered lawns, and were found in dry foot-hills north of here. Their roots are amazing at seeking out the lawns water.

      PS I love free stuff for the garden, seeds are an all time favorite. I am also willing to share anything I have!

  2. Looks like you are only a few weeks ahead of us in ABQ. Fall color was incredible yesterday from the hill country W of Austin through El Paso up to my house. Cooler than the stats show, probably from the AM low temperatures. As far as your plants you are wondering about, if it's Chihuahuan Desert region, keep it dry in the winter...especially those from the eastern areas are extra tough to extremes in temperature we intermountain people rarely experience, hence why Denver grows many with ease.

  3. "I need more rocks!
    I can send you some *grin*

    Beautiful projects, Aaron.
    And it occurs to me...your metal fences could provide nice "hanging" protection for new plants at their base.

    Here's to a mild and kind winter for everyone!

    1. Hi,
      You are always welcome to bring rocks anytime you head

      Thanks, the metal fence will have flowering vines, and will help slow the wind down.

      Cheers to a mild winter!

  4. Now that is Cool and the work ,I know, is hard as H !