Sunday, December 16, 2012

A new person in the world

My wife is pregnant, and so we are blessed!  Thank you God!
A pic of a pic.

PS.  I have used up all my photo space, I am trying to get more.  Will be posting soon.


  1. Congrats! If you look, we are 12 weeks! Amazing experience to see that heartbeat! We are going for a follow-up on Tuesday! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Thanks!
    My wife is also 12 weeks!

    The pic in the post is an older pic.

  3. My children are 20 and 25--but well do I remember the excitement of pre-birth (some of the best times in my marriage). I congratulate you both: the adventure of children is (along with love of a couple, extended family, the Plant Kingdom) a centerpiece of life! My children have been one of the most unalloyed, pure delights in my life and they continue to nurture and sustain me! I am sure you will feel that way too!

    1. Thanks so much you guys for all the kind and encouraging words!
      Merry Christmas!