Friday, December 21, 2012

Lizard time!

So far it has been a decent winter, but nothing too right home about.  Other than the lack of snow, which is not all that uncommon until after Christmas it has been about normal. 
I dread the next 20 days the most because this is when we are most likely to see temps dip below the 0 fahrenheit range.  About the last 10 days in December and the first 10 days in January.

Even though it has not set any record warmth this winter, I was able to find this sidebltched lizard on the foudation on the southside of the house.  I have seen them around here in November, but never in December.  I'm sure they have been out in December before, but without notice!     
I belive this was on 12/11/12
I think it was about 40deg f.
Snow in the mountains, and shortly after this pic was taken it snowed about an inch or 2 in the valley 

I hope too see the brush to grow back one day.

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