Friday, January 25, 2013

Took my wife to Boise and took a few pics.

First a FYI, temps are just about back to normal....Yes! 

Took my wife for her doctors appointment in Boise.  The trip is about a 110 miles to the west and is about 1400 lower in elevation than it is here.  Boise is a Zone 6b/7 depending on the zone maps, but I would say a long term zone 6b.

Looking over Mountain Home towards the south at the Owyhee Mountains.
I one lived at the base of that range, a nice comfortable zone 7.  

As for the norm, I could not stop for yucca pics, but found these by the place we ate in Boise.
Nolina sp.

A nice Yucca rostrata!

And what looked to me as a clump of Y. filimentosa and recurvifolia.
The City has some nice Y. recurvifolias, but I can never stop for pics!

And closer to home, the rest stop by Bliss. 

And just to show people just a small portion of the windmills going up around the state.
Not sure what I think about it?
I know they kill lots of birds of prey here!


  1. Brrrrrrr. Looks so cold! We've lucked out this winter, I can tell! Spring is on its way, don't despair!

    1. I've seen! Almost So AZ temps there...WOW!
      No need to head south for

  2. The Yucca rostrata looks great, but those red and yellow twig dogwoods...well, not a very good cultural or visual companion to the yucca! Nice to see the Nolina texana and the smaller yuccas. Also, it's wild how much snow there is in Boise, but none to the E!

    This shows nicely what could be done in Boise and what you need more of, except the dogwoods.

    1. I so agree about the dogwoods!

      We have a lot of lanscapers that just slap things together.