Sunday, February 24, 2013

Any moisture is welcome, but snow just sucks!

Well the weather here has been good enough for working in the garden, even though the temps have been below normal.  The ground was drying out and I was picking rock like I was mining for gold.
Tumble weeds were thrown in the fire pit and spring cleanup was well under way.
Well to keep this blog short, it snowed! And snow changes everything. ha!

Everyone bummed out on this snow day.

Anyone want to go outside?
Rocko, no!


Looks like fun. But I can't do much out here!

Yucca faxoniana, looking better. Looking better...nope!

I may have uncovered my agave to early.
Should be fine.


  1. I share your sentiments about both moisture and snow! Looks like we finally will have some winter just in time for spring here too! Apparently all strains of faxoniana are not equally hardy--although our big plant from Mountain States has done superbly(it's fifteen or more feet tall and must be 7' across or more)..the ones growing in Santa Fe for decades are the ones to get seed from (I think Agua Fria collects and grows these).

    1. That faxon yucca sounds amazing! If you ever get seed from that big yucca I sure would like to be first in line, or even last! lol
      Thanks for the insight on "Agua Fria".

  2. I hear you, but only your Y. faxoniana looks bad. Tucson got it last week, too - just the pattern we're stuck in and have been for 5+ winters. Snow is very inefficient precip - in our region and over onto the high plains, more sublimates than melts unless it's a wet snow and temps quickly moderate.

    The worst spring here started with a very mild, very rainy Jan-Feb here...Mar-mid May was the pattern we're in now, and everything was late...then came near 100F mid-May!

    Like me, at least you can soon work on rocks, site prep, etc!

    1. Thanks David.
      I hope you are recieving some of this moisture, sounds like you guys need it in a bad way!