Saturday, February 9, 2013

J-trees from Dolan Springs east to the Grand Canyon

Here are some pics of Yucca brevifolias I took from a moving car.  This was east of Dolan Springs, AZ to the Grand Canyon over look at the Hualapai Reservation. Febuary 2009
Many amazing plantsof all kinds, too bad there was many nocked down j-trees from the road grader.  If I could I would have taken many of them home, while they were still alive from being pushed over.  


  1. Moving car shots? Really good - I have some decent ones, but with a J-Tree, not as easy to capture with the finer leaves. Great stands out there, and I notice they are growing with Blackbrush in a few photos.

    1. Thanks, the bad/blurry pics I left in the

      The first two pics may have been when we pulled over, You can see the darker sky pics, I think they are through the window. I wasn't driving so all I could do was take pics. If it was my trip I would have hiked around.