Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting to love the weather again.

The snow is almost gone and the ground in most places is dry enough to walk on, so for me that is just about all I need!  Now I can burn tumble weeds, pull weeds, trim bushes, and pick rock. 

Yucca faxoniana
Looking a little more beat-up everyday, hang in there!

Pediocactus sp.
Voles/mice loves this cactus sp.

Yucca baccata, looking good all winter.

Yucca faxoniana
This a typical covering for me.  This will greatly increase survival of your plants when they are young, or as seasonal cover for less hardy plants such as agave that just barely make it.  I reuse the plastic and stakes.

Yucca recurvifolia, this is my best one. ha!

Yucca elata, are not as hardy as some think when young.
The burn almost every year when the are young, but will gain much cold-hardiness with age. 

Contrasting colors and shapes and repeats are good for landscape interest.
Of course my garden is just that a garden, and not really a visual landscape. Well it's as visual as I can make it with the use of many different plants.  But for a quick landscaping lesson, Contrasting colors and shapes, repeat plantings, plantings and hardscapes in 3's and 5's (odd numbers look best) that's a start. 

I just noticed today that my Yucca elata that bloomed last year has two new crowns.  

Agastache sp.
This is what frost heave can do to plants without good draining soil.

Yucca reverchonii x thompsoniana?  I think.

Light at the end of the tunnel.  Almost done with the dry creek!
These rocks are hand picked out of the ground, not like someone dropped off a truck load in a pile. lol 

Some of my other rock projects.


  1. It's a trying time of year here too--only without the snow! We're having to water, believe it or not. But it's gotten cold enough that there is damage on some of our more tender things. I was in Utah last week where they've had lots of snow and cloudy weather--a whole different story from us: each winter is so different! Hang in there!

  2. I can't water enough, but at least there's no freeze damage way down here. Keep on!

    Serious rocks...I hear you, as mine are just lighter and granite, not basalt. I noticed you have a berm planting of some sort of evergreen / conifer? That seems it might unify and enclose all you have inside, not just buffer winds. Looks like a cue to what might be done in some places inside, to create more "rooms" and unifying closer-in. What are those plants in the 3rd from last picture?

    1. I might add that your 40's, and even my 60F today, are not much to love with the chilly nights. But temps are going in the + direction. Hoping this next cold plunge is not so bad.

      Yucca recurvifolia - such a tough plants to cold, so I'm surprised it didn't do so well. Maybe the extended <32F stuff, not just the extreme lows?

    2. David,
      The evergreens on the burm are Juniperus scopulorum (Rocky Mountain Juniper) It would be nice to create (rooms)and unify within the the garden using the junipers, but it may shade out my winter sun I need for microclimates.
      I have plans of more junipers on the east side of the yard as I can afford

      PS I think the Y. recurvifolias would do better if I watered them more and if the rabbits would stop eating them.

  3. The dry creek is especially beautiful, good work.
    Great eye for landscape design and placement.

    1. Thanks Barb.
      I'm so close to the finish line. Next chapter maybe. :0)