Sunday, March 3, 2013

A drive to Hammett ID and back home.

The wife and I went for a day drive and we decided to head west.  We chose to stay off the freeways and stuck to the path less traveled.  Our road trip was not far from home but was interesting just the same.  We set out west looking for the old highway, the route west before the interstate.  Little to my knowledge it was still mostly in tack.  The road was in good condition, so it was a surprise that there was so little traffic.

We went through three little towns that had seen better days. Days before the traffic was detoured out of  town.  Some places I have not seen sense I was little, a time when traveling over a hundred miles was a big deal and took an hour or so longer because the traffic slowed for every town from A to Z.  Do I miss those times...Yes! Do I think the freeways are a necessary evil...of course.
The Snake River, the life blood of Southern Idaho.
Little would exist here without it!

Hammett crossing and the end journey of our day trip.

This country is so different than it was 30 years ago, cheat grass and fires have completely changed the landscapes.

One thing that is the same or even better (I think better) is the amount of birds on the river, This river is overflowing with bird life.  If I could spend some time here and take more than 3-4 pics...who knows.  Oh, and if I tried to be a bit more stealthy. lol  

Four towns, Bliss, Glenns Ferry, King Hill, and Hammentt.  GlennsFerry was overall the nicest and probably the friendliest. Many old homes and friendly people.  The food was good and the restaurant was clean (The Stop Drive? I think the name was).  Many big yuccas, Y. recurvafolias and huge filimentosas with leaves over 3 feet long! 
Hammett on the other hand was by far the worst.  On the way back we stopped at the "Hammett valley" store, it only cost us $5 of junk food so my wife could use the restroom.  Just so we are clear this was the store on the corner just before you turn off for Bruneau (not the store to the east).  And they wonder why they are just about out of business?  Reminds me of the saying "you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar"!  
King Hill.
Wow...has this place change, almost a ghost town now.
Out of the four places we drove through this was the only town I have pics of.   


  1. Sounds like a great drive, other than the "attitude" of the one town. The scenery is interesting, as not only is there some green coming up, but with the changes of grasses, fires, etc.

    And nice yuccas? That makes it all worthwhile. Even when I was a teen, before driving age, seeing those helped me see the differences between Denver where my parents and I lived, and "down south" here, or even further down like Carlsbad.

    1. All worthwhile, even a big clump of Yucca filimentosa can warm a winter.

  2. I've driven that area a long time ago in summer: some wonderful wildflowers! Thanks for the glimpse in the winter.

    Our Western towns are so variable--I dread the gentrification that comes with their becoming touristy destinations (mostly the mountain towns): the depopulation of the countryside is a worldwide concern. Now with telecommunications, perhaps we'll have a reverse migration?

    There is charm in isolation and quietude!