Saturday, March 9, 2013

Uncovered the last of the plants.

Spring may not be here officially, but warm enough to take the covering off the less hardy plants. 

This was a Agave protoamericana, and well still is.  It was covered with a piece of plastic.  The top crown will rot with the warmer weather, but it will sprout more sucker from the roots.  This was the best this plant has ever done for me, as it is a clone from many past attempts. 

Always wonderful to see this beauty uncovered for the year.
Echinocactus polycephalus

This ocotillo still may be alive, and if it is, it will be a first for my garden. 

O. basilaris, pink flower of a different look
E-bay find, only time will tell?

Opuntia santa rita x basilaris
I am amazed how this lived through the winter with only a sheet of plastic covering.
Never one is very hardy here. 

Opuntia ellisiana,
plastic covering

A nice hybrid from a good friend of mine.
 Y. flaccida x reverchonii-thompsoniana, I think lol
I have two, this one was covered the other was not, both look good.

Agave havardiana, covered.  If it lives it will be the first for my garden.

The next three come from another good friend.
all three covered.
Agave palmeri 

And this creek is ready for runoff.

And this project is just beginning.

And more unfinished projects.


  1. Glad I don't have to cover anything here - most of those look OK. I hope these "global warming" winters start doing so...even average variability might be nice, including the warm side of average! Quick snow flurry showers off and on today, to counter the beneficial thundershowers 3X yesterday.

    Anything you think is dead, ultimately? Or a surprise it survived?

  2. So true about the global warming, I would be happy with avg.

    I think more or less every thing is alive!