Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plantasia Cactus Gardens, May 2013

A trip to my favorite garden,  Plantasia Cactus Gardens!

A pic says a thousand words, and I have many. ;o)

Yucca Torryi

Agave utahensis


ferocactus, covered in the winter.

Yucca rostrata, with winter burn this year.

Yucca baccata, a very big one, long leaves!

Echinocereus coccineus

purple sage
Salvia dorrii

This is an amazing yucca.  It is a hybrid of some kind.  He said it was bought as 1 gal. Yucca thompsoniana.
To the right is your average sized Y. thompsoniana/rostrata, look how it dwarfs the other yuccas.

prim rose

Yucca brevifolia
joshua tree

Yucca faxoniana

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring flowers, better late than never.

  A few spring flowers bloom even with nights dipping below freezing. The freezing nights I can handle, but the weekly winds  I could do without.  Every bit of free time I have has been spent on removing tumble weeds out of the yard and into the burn pit.  I wish the brush would grow back and block the mass army of marching seed spreading zombies! 


Saturday, May 11, 2013

A bit of everything.

I use this blog as an image host for forums and such, so that is why I post crazy pics sometimes.

A small but older Yucca rostrtata that I moved to higher ground.  It never did much where it was.
Time will tell if it likes it's new place in the world.

The next 3 pics are of yucca/yucca like plants that burned the most from winter. Other than my big Y. faxon.
Yucca elata, very hardy when bigger, but always receive damage when smaller.

The new hardy "Yucca faxon" covered and still burnt badly!

Zone 5? red yuccas (hesperaloe parviflora), these where covered and still damaged from the cold, every year. 

Snow!!! the first of May?

Penstemens, looking cool before the blooms. 

Mustard flowers, planted last year or year before.
They have been a good plant for the desert garden.  Look at of the native bees!
I see new be species every year.

A plant that surprised me with how wonderful it smells when in bloom.  New Mexico Privet tree (Forestiera neomexicana)  Smell like a Lilac, only not as harsh.

These came from my friend John Weiser, I have enjoyed all the seed you have given me John.  I find new plants all the time!   

Three gopher snakes, three days in a row!
I always see wildlife when I'm late for work, and of course my camera is inside.   

Always support snakes by the body, never ever hold a snake by the head alone!!!
This can harm it badly, you can hold it by the head, but support it with the other hand, pole, etc...