Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plantasia Cactus Gardens, May 2013

A trip to my favorite garden,  Plantasia Cactus Gardens!

A pic says a thousand words, and I have many. ;o)

Yucca Torryi

Agave utahensis


ferocactus, covered in the winter.

Yucca rostrata, with winter burn this year.

Yucca baccata, a very big one, long leaves!

Echinocereus coccineus

purple sage
Salvia dorrii

This is an amazing yucca.  It is a hybrid of some kind.  He said it was bought as 1 gal. Yucca thompsoniana.
To the right is your average sized Y. thompsoniana/rostrata, look how it dwarfs the other yuccas.

prim rose

Yucca brevifolia
joshua tree

Yucca faxoniana


  1. Stunning garden - the massings of spikiness are too much! My guess is the mystery yucca is just a Y. rostrata, or has much more Y. rostrata in it. Both of those species seem to intergrade, anyway. Cold damage is no fun, but it and drought damage seem synonymous here in NM, El Paso, etc lately...the strong will all make it through! The rest looks healthy beyond belief.

    Not craving bluegrass and lollipop trees, not that I ever was...

    1. "The big yucca" He said it had flowers like thompson, but I'm with you, it has heavy rostrata genes.