Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's cold! but am I worried? of course.

Every year I go through this, "it's too cold for my plants", "my plants might not make it through this cold spell" and every summer I admire my yucca, cactus, and agave.
So let the cold season begin....   

-5f this morning and highs in the teens!
Yucca elata 

This one did very well last year, and I hope the same for this year?
Echinocereus ledingii

Almost turning black because of the cold.
Yucca brevifolia

And the cholla sp, I bought from E-bay doing well!

My big Yucca brevifolia doing well and the leaves not as dark as the other.

Yucca rostrata intergrada?, very dark leaf color.

Yucca rostrata

Yucca angustissima, leaves look about normal, cold has little effect on this one. 


  1. I've seen that blackened color on some succulents...the most alarming was Agave scabra in 2011, but those didn't recover while others did recover. Hoping for you to get balmy breezes, or at least the next arctic rush to head east, instead of over your area or (finally) mine!

  2. Thanks for the warm weather thoughts.
    Too bad A. scarbra died over that winter, they are a very cool agave.
    This winter will be a good test for the garden, -17f for the official low on 12/9/13

    1. Wow, -17F is even cold for the wild side of the Rockies by Denver, but for the mild side / banana belt of southern ID...scary. After some of your recent hot summers, I would say you must be learning much about what can take it all!

    2. Yes...weeds out the weak, for sure.

  3. Hey--how do you make it snow so realistically in that one shot? Very cool...we've had an arctic blast a few weeks ago: things look good so far...

    1. The image host did it all on its own, and then gave me the choice of the one with the snow and one without (original). "Picasa"

      I seen that you guys got very cold on the east side of the rockies, so glad everything is looking better.
      PS. I also worry so about the poor animals that are wild or left out in the cold!
      I hate the thought of things suffering.