Monday, September 30, 2013

Yucca profiles and a couple of flowers still in bloom.

I finally figured out why I was having trouble posting on my blog, it only seem too work with Google Chrome!
Well... at-least I can write something now!  

Yucca torreyi
A large trucking yucca that is only semi-hardy here in my garden. They will live through mild winters here but need to be covered most winters.  I hope when they get bigger they out grow their tender feet.
I grew these from seed and the seem to be slow growing. They look about the same as last year?

Yucca pallida
A trunk-less yucca related to Y. rostrata.  They seem too like more water than my garden receives, even thou a few monsoons gave us some much needed rain at the end of summer!    

Yucca gloriosa variegata
A hardy yucca that likes more water than it will ever get here, but it hangs on year after year!  I felt bad during that drought and gave it a good drink with the hose.  
PS. they are hardy here, but only in well drained soil.  I have tried in wetter ground with no luck.   

Yucca filamentosa
Very common but they are a wonderful yucca.  Good in the heat, drought, wet, shade, and cold-hardy in just about any zone.  And the white flowers...are awesome!        

Yucca nana
Small compact, and drought resistant, they love heat and the cold, but if you remove them they keep coming back!  Oh...and the leaves are sharp! 

Agastache sp.
could be Agastache neomexicana?
If I was going too name a plant of the year from the garden, this would be it!  It has bloomed all summer and feed many a hummingbird and moth over the season.  It is one of the few agastache sp. that comes back after winter here, and keeps getting better every year.   

Salvia 'Ultra Violet'
From "High Country Gardens"
This salvia does not make the statement of the other salvia greggii I have tried, but is the only hardy one I have grown.  I am so happy to have found a winter hardy salvia greggii hybrid, so... there may be hope for others?     

Agastache cana? could be "ava"?
One of the few to live through a winter here, and has even reseeded. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Good morning world!

Went to a friends wedding in Pocatello and took the worst pics I've seen in a long time. No matter, it was so nice to see old friends from my home town.
I was greeted by his dad at the reception doors, "Aaron how is it too be back in the old neighborhood you guys terrorized for so many years".lol    

Shane and Camille

Sad pics, these are good as they get!

The next morning was beautiful, as so the title.

The door new sweep is working, the only scorpion in the house this year.

And a velvet ants with wings, there were many on the Opuntia basilaris.