Monday, January 20, 2014

The warmest, driest January I have seen in Shoshone.

The never ending story.  More rocks, more dirt, more plants, more pain, and much love!  

This dirt hill I built years ago, but just now starting to rock it in. 

last year it started to erode after a heavy rain and so the decision for the rockery.     

And the start of a driveway that one day may end up at the garage that does not exist.     

More trails, but almost done.  

Road building, around the corner and getting close to the drive.

Hey, this is done sense the last post. Yea!

Looked around the yard today and all the J-trees are doing well this winter.  No damage from the Dec. freeze.  However some other plants are not looking so well.

I knew this Opuntia was only half hardy here, but should out grow the winter damage.

So nice this weekend was, I started removing covers.  This is my way of a rain/snow dance.  No doubt the rain, snow and cold temps shall show up now I have my winter protection off.   

This rostrata looks happy to have fresh air. 

I don't think this hybrid Agave needs winter protection, but is cheap insurance.  The cover is now off for the season.

Can Daddy have the ball?


Baby...what ball?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

As the weather warms, more frost damage shows it's ugly face.

  Not sure if these Sclerocactus parviflorus are falling over from the cold spell, or if the are dying from old age or disease.  The have lasted through many cold spells of the same temps without fail.   

Echinocereus triglochidiatus 
Turning the color, and my guess it it wont live through summer.

When they look like they are translucent or like hard jello than things may not be good. 

More rocks in place, more to go!

I now think I know what this is? 
Opuntia tunicata
This e-bay cholla is doing just fine and looks as it did in the fall, no drooping stems.

This one looks good, but the damn mealy bugs did not die from the freeze!  They could be spreading disease from cactus to cactus.  I need to spray them with vegetable-oil kills them dead.

Not sure if my Echinocereus ledingii are damaged or just doing their thing.  Spring will tell the real story.   

New rock area, just about finished.  

Last years hardscape, finished!