Saturday, May 10, 2014

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Native Primrose

"wind flowers"  I received these free along time ago and they keep coming back!

Penstemon acuminatus, I believe? 

A couple that have been seen around the feeder lately. 

Friend of wildlife, gardener, freedom fighter, and future President! ha!

Yucca hybrid of thompsoniana and rupicola.  No winter damage and the first with new growth.

Yucca brevifolia, no winter damage!

Small iris, iris are good for drier yards!   

Mustard plant, what an awesome wildlife plant.  Just try and count all the pollinators! 

Clematis, Idaho Native. 

Hardy ice palnt.

Hens and chicks. Rabbits eat these like candy here.

Native Phlox.

Pacifictree frog, first herp of the year.  I did find a snake a magpie killed, only thing I hate about magpies!


I'm excited about this plant, desert peach. It live through the winter without fail. 

 And now the ugly!
Agave neomexicana, covered still dead. Might come back from suckers.

This one, cut of the bad and replant.

Agave parryii, had it for years, covered but left the top open and late winter rains did it in.
Lucky for me, I have more plants.  

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