Sunday, July 6, 2014

A field trip of interesting!

  Before I get talking about the field trip I have a few from my garden and a couple of thank yous to mention.
Thank you Tim for the hybrid yucca, even at this age it has flowered and I thought you would like to see.  Also a thank you to my friend John from Reno, the primrose in the pic came from your seed and is the largest flowering one I have ever seen!   
A hybrid yucca from seed
Y. flaccida x reverchonii-thompsoniana
A prim rose, grown from seed, sent from Reno way.
Huge flowers.

Globe mallow 

Echinocereus albispinus

Sclerocactus parviflorus

 From top to bottom- gaillardia, nepeta, and penstemon  

Creeping primrose sp.

Gambles Oak and a creeping primrose. 

  Now for the the interesting part.  I took a field trip to the Aberdeen Horticulture Research Station. Where I was greeted by Ben, Steve Love's assistant. He was a very nice and professional young man that was more than willing to answer all my question and show me around.  He explained how the they come by some of their plants and what they grow.  Good to know there is a place out there introducing new eco-friendly plants to our yards and gardens!  
 This could very well be my dream job!  I was kid in candy store, so many varieties of plants I have not seen before and many. many "have to haves".        /

I can't believe I took no close ups! No pics of the green houses, and no pics of the staff!

  On the way home, I stopped by a place I have not seen for awhile.  It is where the pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail would stop by and chisel graffiti onto the side of a boulder known as Register Rock.  It was the "I was here of it's time"  I think I much more appreciate the names chiseled in rock rather than the ugly ass spray paint as so often seen littering our country sides.  Of course no graffiti is best!
  When I was a kid (did I just say that!) the rock had no fence protecting it, just a boulder out in the sagebrush and grass.           


  1. There is a very very very strange (but excellent) film about a tragic episode on The Oregon Trail, "Meek's Cutoff", with Michelle Williams, Paul Dano and Shirley Henderson:'s_Cutoff

  2. Thanks for the link. I will have too check it out!

  3. Those hybrid yuccas, like your one, are really interesting to me. I see so many yuccas in my travels in far west TX and NM, and the potential for ones with certain features is great. Your's is quite the accent with those white blooms.

    Noticing that with sotols this year, too...they bloomed insanely here. The occasional red or maroon stalks I saw last Friday in Abq and here too, really show off against blue or cloudy-ish monsoonal skies.