Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More of the same.

A wildscape area from work.

Back home in my garden. 

My little girls first birthday.


  1. Your garden looks great, well-cared for. The contrast of the yuccas and the long views in the sunshine remind me of the west mesa of Albuquerque when I was on that side of town 20 years ago...even had a volcanic escarpment there.

    The first time I've noticed the tiers of basalt rocks...very appealing.

    I bet the young one is getting taught of the virtues of cacti and yuccas, too!

  2. Thanks David,
    I bet west mesa of Albuquerque was an awesome sight. I hope one day to travel across the state of NM.

    As time goes by, maybe more lava tiers will by part of my garden.

    She is learning fast how yuccas and cactus hurt. lol

  3. I would so like to visit your garden! Great work. Looks like you had an awesome spring.