Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just when I thought spring was here.

This was the first of two similar snow storms that happened in the last week.  I was too busy at work to get pics of the second snow.  
The day before these pics I thought our snow year was over and started removing the covering on a couple of things.  I knew if I removed the winter protection this would happen.    

Yucca elata

Cylindropuntia imbricata 

Yucca thompsoniana

Yucca brevifolia jaegeriana

Yucca brevifolia brevifolia, so far has proven to the hardier out of the J-trees.  

A big cholla I can't ever remember the name of.  It has weaker branches than C. imbricata. 

Yucca torreyi 

Yucca torreyi, lets hope this wet snow don't do them in.  So far they have done fine through the winter.

Agave utahensis x neomexicana   

Yucca thompsoniana

And a typical covered plant in my garden.  No heat.
Echinocereus polycphalus 


  1. Winter wonderland! Wish your succulent babies to over come! Thanks for sharing the Beauty!

  2. By the way do not remember the Chola pictures in summer... I wish I saw them!!!