Monday, February 16, 2015

February thaw.

February has been warmer than normal and I have been enjoying it.

Eriogonum Ovalifolium var. eximium 


  1. Your plants are looking awesome: far less damage than we've had in our disastrous winter this year. Love those huge clumps of Escobaria and Echinocereus! You're a heck of a plantsman! And love the way you snuck in the picture of the kid! Can't wait to see your garden in person (although not this year, alas! Schedule already full!)

  2. Very kind words, you are always welcome for a tour or a visit either way your welcome!
    I have a long ways to go with my garden, it might be a bit boring. But if you ever come this way Plantaisa Cactus Gardens is only 20 miles to the south, and I think between the the two garden there will be plenty to see.