Saturday, June 13, 2015

Plantasia Cactus Gardens, Twin Falls Idaho, spring plant sale 2015

One of the coolest yuccas, a hybrid. 


  1. What a place to visit. That hybrid yucca threw me as a Dasylirion until the leaf close-up. Another Cottontop Cactus happy up there? I just saw a few over your way, but south, in Las Vegas.

    Stay cool, I see Boise is 15F warmer than El Paso right now!

    1. David,
      The cotton tops are happy here, at least the ones from the higher Vegas area. I have always covered mine with a plastic wrap (veneer) and I think he does also. I don't think he covers his until December. I think most years they would live uncovered, but because they are expensive and hard to find I would not wont to try without the cover. I do think he may not cover his if the winter stays warm. He's retired and has time to do that. lol

      We always seem to get a few days over the 100F mark, the difference is we cool down a night. The times I've been down in SE Arizona during the summer, the weather has been about the same, but it stays warmer longer down there.

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  3. Sounds amazing, I look at your website often. I was unable to go this year.
    Thanks Renee.