Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Birds, bees and a trip over to Plantasia cactus Gardens.

A few new visitors, and one loved family member gone to doggy heaven.

This was the last time my little Rocho dog was photoed.
You will be forever missed little Roch-Man.  

One of the mating pair. 

Humming bird food.

A few pics from Plantasia Cactus Garden.

Desert willow 

A Yucca torreyi I gave the owner a few years back is starting to take off.  Doing better than mine at home. 


  1. I do wish I could visit Plantasia: It is certainly clean. I can't believe the Joshua trees thrive so much so far north! Was just visiting the Grand Junction Cactus garden at the Extension service--they also have a great Joshua tree...but the maintenance of the garden there has gone down hill, alas! Great to see your Idaho neighbor is still on top of things!

  2. I think retirement has been good to him and his garden. His garden is almost a great as he is. A true man of heart such as yourself.
    PS. I don't know if I would still be living in Idaho if J-trees would not grow here. lol