Sunday, October 25, 2015

The end is here!

The end of the warm weather is upon us and the cold weather seasons begin.  I always laugh when with the coming of Fall because, I always get a new boost of garden inspiration.  Now is the time of year I finally decide to buy all those plants I was going to buy in the spring.  I can't help my self, I buy a few and shove them onto a window seal barely keep them alive until spring.  And when I do plant them it's way too early and they either die or struggle to push up new growth by summer. lol  Trees (most) on the other hand seem to do better for me when planted in the fall.

I will try and fill in the blanks later.           

Pic. was taken from a top a mound I made.  

End of the season flowers.  The American Gold Finches have moved on time to clean-up.

This is a reminder for myself "not to let gaillardia grow in and around the hardscape", they take over.  

Before and after trim, I was already into the trim before I thought of before and after pics.
(Cercocarpus ledifolius) Amazing trees that can grow high in the alpines or even in the hot deserts.  They have an appearance of a Mediterranean olive, very exotic looking with time.  I suggest people look up imagines on their computers.  I first saw them as a kid back-packing and wanted one ever sense.       

The smartest spider I have ever seen.  This is the second one or second time I have seen him in the garden.  He was almost impossible to take a pic of.  Even far away he would hide behind something, I was lucky to get this shot.

A young Side-blotched lizard. The only one I have seen this year.

A Pacific Tree-frog, a rare sight this season.

The dry creek banks have slowly been sloughing in and narrowing the creek bottom.  When I first dug out the dry creek I was not thinking about the long term movement of the rocks and banks.  I now understand what is needed for long term construction.  The top picture below is an example of a before pic and the bottom pic is of an after pic. The right side of the bottom pic is were the bank was dug out and "footing" boulders were placed to keep the bank stable.  When first constructed the rocks were placed just for aesthetics. 
This is going to be a long term project, like every other project I start.

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