Wednesday, December 16, 2015

After the fact.

Did the cold spell do any damage?  Not really.  For the most part the late November cold spell did very little damage with the exception of a couple of surprises.     

Some whiting of the spear leaves on this Y. rostrata/thompsoniana.  Not unusual for this plant. Could died back or the leaves maybe fine and regain their green color.   

My big Y. brevifolia, no real damage.  A couple of  small spots.

A sucker I plan on transplanting next year.  No damage, but was covered.  When they are small the don't fair well here in the winter.  

This cactus did well but was covered by the snow.

This was the surprise.  Yucca elata with frost damage on the leaves.  Also the most protected Y. elata I have.  All the others so far look fine. 

Frost damaged areas on the leaves.  When the wind blew the leaves snapped.  

I will be surprised if this lives.  Looks like it did before the cold spell, but was covered under the snow.
Opuntia basilaris (not hardy?)

Agave utahensis x neomexicana, not damage so far. 

This Y. brevifolia has never been very cold hardy, and yes from a colder part of their range.  I also had this covered with a sheet, but this little sucker I think will make it.  I bet money this spear will pull. 

 From the same plant as above, damage from last year, I think.

No damage on this Yucca elata even though it has froze to the roots several times when it was smaller.  

No damage on these Y. brevifolia.  

No damage on most of my Y. rostrata/thompsoniana

Y. gloriosa, little leaf damage.

Y. brevifolia, looks good.

Our new little girl, she's the one with the long ears on the left.  We lost Rocko and our Lilly.
It's been a hard year for our loved ones.