Sunday, September 11, 2016

Peanut and I find a friend.

Found this guy on the lane coming home from work.  Peanut likes snakes, so I always make sure she sees them before we let them go.  She is also good at spotting snakes in the garden, and has found a few on her own.  (Don't worry, she knows to find me if she sees a snake.)    

We let the Gopher Snake go by the pond so it could get a drink.  We went over 54 days without rain fall this summer.  

Went on a day trip to Hargerman and a quick stop on the bank of the Snake River.  This new weed was over taking the valley, as pretty as it is I would be at war with this one! "Purple Loosetrife"  Kill everyone you find!   

A big Y. brevifolia, Hagerman ID.

Warm water fish in the warm springs. (where they raise gators) 

American alligator.  The warm water keep them alive through the winter. 

Partridge eating the seeds off the Pea Shrub.  (bark yard)  


  1. Would you please specify were this "Warm water fish in the warm springs" is located? It's too funny seeing Eastern Africa Grate Lakes chichlid fishes in USA... Surprised!

    1. I'm sorry, the fish and alligator are in the Hagerman Valley (Hagerman) in Idaho.

  2. Great shots..........awesome brevifolia.