Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thankful for November

Always thankful for everything in my life!
 November has come and gone, and hope that Dec and Jan do the the same, but I'm still going to enjoy the cold weather the best I can.  Everyday I'm here with my family and in good health I will be thankful.  I may not have much money, but I live my dream almost everyday.  Everyday is the best day of my life!!!

Trapdoor species, male on the move.  I find these ever fall, sometimes even walking through the snow.

Yucca brevifolia
Enjoying the first snow of the year.

Agave utahensis x neomexicana
This I cover this most every year.

Yucca brevifolia

Enjoying the pond in these colder months. 

Thankful I did not step on this little guy in the night.
Sierran Treefrog (Pacific Treefrog)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Out with the old, in with the new.

Replaced the old pond with a new bigger and better one.  This is one of at least two planned ponds for the garden.  If income permits, I will be installing one more that will flow into this pond.  This pond is running a 4100 gallon per hour pump with bio falls and bio-filter and skimmer pump box.  This will also feed the other pond and there is also two valves for controlling water flows.  All pond stones are cement in to keep them in place and to keep them from damaging the 45 mil pond liner.  All labor was done by me and by hand.  I could have made a much better landscaped pond if I had the use of heavy equipment.  Although I'm happy with the end results, it could have been more dramatic with larger stones in some areas and if I wasn't pushed for time.  You know, because of winter coming here shortly. lol   

Total cost of pond was under $2000.00

An offset falls has a more natural appearance than water falling from the highest point, which can cause the undesired "volcano look". 

Flat smooth rocks for sitting and interaction are placed in a couple of spots.   

Landscaping of native aquatic plants and drought tolerant plants will help soften the hardscape, and will go in as time and money allows. 

This is the back view of the hardscape.  Most of the bigger bolder I rolled from hundreds of feet away.

Showing the different depths of the pond, shallow areas are a must for frogs and sunbathing for the fish.  

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The end of season park pics.

A few pics from the parks I take care of.  These were from the last of the season, about a month ago.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Field trip to the desert.

  It's been awhile sense the last time I've been on a day trip or hiking around the local desert (Lincoln County, ID).
 I was browsing ""  When I noticed someone in my local area was posting recent reptile and amphibian locals on the field maps.  I sent him a message to see if he lived in the area, and as luck had it he lives about 8 miles away.
I don't mind hiking around the desert by myself, but I always prefer a friend to go with.  I don't think anyone wants a mishap like a wound or flat tire by themselves.'s hard too push yourself out of the sand when your vehicle it suck, I know It has happened to me a couple of times.
My new friend Alex is a good person to go hiking with, no complaining or whining, despite it being very hot that day.  He even picked up every can and bottle we walked across. Glad too see someone else doing this for a change, and I did as well.
Because it was the end of August, mostly we found only newly hatched reptiles.  In August/Sept. adult reptiles go into a state of rest so the young can feed and find shelter without the adults feeding on them.

Here a few pics from that day trip.  All the following lizards are new hatch-lings from this season.

Alex in habitat view.  
Desert Horned Lizard #1
(Phrynosoma platyrhinos)

Desert Horned Lizard #1
(Phrynosoma platyrhinos)

Western Whip-tail Lizard
(Aspidoscelis tigris) 


 Whip-tail habitat view, but we also saw these in the rocky grassy areas.

Desert Horned Lizard #2
(Phrynosoma platyrhinos)

 Longnosed Leopard-lizard
(Gambelia wislizenii) 


Leopard Lizard habitat view.