Thursday, March 2, 2017

February, more like January should have been.

February was colder and wetter than normal.  I had a 5 gallon bucket in the back of my truck that had over 8 inches of water that accumulated from Dec to the end of Jan. That does not account for all that splashed out of the bucket from driving.  Considering that our normal precipitation is between 8-11 inches (closer to 9") this has been the wettest winter I have lived through.

        This is my recharge pond, all the water from the road and the dry creek winds up here.  One of the first things I did while planning my property was to determine how and where the property would drain.  Most of the dirt removed from this hole was placed and compacted over a lava rock flow that now my house sits on.  The rest of the dirt I brought up in a wheelbarrow and buried the footings and used as landscape fill.  My house sits about 3 foot higher from the bottom of the footings to the original ground level on the east side of the house.        

Awaiting the end of march for a full damage report, because plants are either still froze or buried under snow.

I am however seeing lots of yucca damage already. 

Most of the cactus seemed to fair better than most of the yuccas.  This lite damage will be gone by mid summer. 

Snowed a couple more times after this melt off.

 A drainage/recharge that I maintain at work.  Looks like a small lake this year. 


  1. The excess moisture does create more damage in winter.........Yucca brevifolia has no chance here in Massachusetts even though our winter temperatures are warmer than yours. We'll average 4" of precipitation every month of the year.

  2. I can understand that. I can't imagine 4" of precip a month. WOW!